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Interested in joining the lab? At various times during the year, we actively recruit new lab members. Although we are NOT currently recruiting new lab members, you may complete a Student Application Form for us to keep on file. Please submit the completed copy to and

Current projects are exploring dual processing of pain expression and its perception by others. The expression of the person in pain has both automatic (e.g., facial expression) and controlled (e.g., self-report) components, and pain is perceived by observers in an automatic (e.g., gut-level) and controlled (e.g., contemplative) manner. Another area of our research evaluates observational scales for studying pain in people with communication limitations.

Depending on the project, you might be able to run participants through studies, enter and check data, assist in conducting a systematic review, and help write an academic paper. The studies of some past students have been prepared and submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Some examples of recent publications and submissions are below (student names are in bold):

McCrystal, K. N., Craig, K. D., Versloot, J., Fashler, S. R., & Jones, D. N. (2011). Perceiving pain in others: Validation of a dual processing model. Pain, 152(5), 1083-1089.

Sheu, S., Versloot, J., Nader, R., Kerr, D., & Craig, K. D. (2011). Pain in the elderly: Validity of facial expression components of observational measures. Clinical Journal of Pain, 27(7), 593-601.

Chang, J., Versloot, J., Fashler, S. R., McCrystal, K. N., & Craig, K. D. (2011). Pain assessment in children: Validity of facial expression items in observational pain scales. Manuscript submitted for publication.

McKee, J., Fashler, S. R., McCrystal, K. N., Versloot, J., Jones, D., & Craig, K. D. (2011). Individual differences in perception of the pain behaviors of others as automatic or controlled. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Tahirgil, I., McCrystal, K. N., Fashler, S. R., Versloot, J., & Craig, K. D. (2011). Perception of automatic and controlled expression of pain in elderly persons. Manuscript submitted for publication.

To join our team, please fill out a Student Application Form and email it to and If you would like more information, email Dr. Craig at


***Please note: as Dr. Craig is an Emeritus Professor, he no longer supervises graduate students.